Client Version Release Notes

Client - Released March 6, 2014

  1. Fixed the QuickPrint issue when using a mobile printer.
  2. Fixed the error with loading dataclips when gender is not M or F.
  3. Changed the order in which dataclips are loaded, from saved reports.
  4. Reports are now saved as soon as a SmartNumber is assigned.
  5. Updated parser for the new version of Virginia Registration.
  6. Added logging for PocketBox.
    • Type of events logged:
      • Handheld device check in and checkout process.
      • Transfer of files from Handheld device to PC (create, delete, move).
  7. Additional 'General' logging in the same format as above for:
    • Send and Send All from Report View and Drafts Folder.
  8. Fixed unhandled exception when doing Ctrl-N to create new report
  9. SmartNumbers are now inserted if report is sent from Drafts.
  10. The mouse cursor is now visible when dropdowns are expanded.
  11. Added method to PocketBoxHandler that handles Attachments from handhelds.
  12. Updates to QNClient.
  13. Changes to Presets on DropDownFields.