Mississippi SealAdvanced Public Safety was awarded the state-wide collision reporting contract in July 2004. In less than 3 months, the system was fully deployed and customized to meet all of the state's requirements and needs. Since its release, ReportBeam has been quickly adopted within the state with over 200 agencies signing onto the system within the first 6 months of release.

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  • Implement a complete solution capable of supporting all crash forms with integrated diagramming
  • Provide a easy to use form-based technology for quick officer adoption
  • Deploy a scalable solution capable of handling over 8000 officers and 100,000 reports annually
  • Operate under the varying technological levels of law enforcement agencies within Mississippi


  • ReportBeam offered a turn-key solution with minimal customization required. The solution was fully delivered and deployed in under 3 months.
  • Built on Microsoft's .NET platform, ReportBeam provided a high-scalable system capable of expanding to meet their future data needs.
  • Low computer requirements and various network connectivity, as well as floppy disk transfer capability, allowed ReportBeam to be deployed to any agency without issue.


  • Officers embraced the electronic forms very quickly. Over 50% of law enforcement agencies were using the system within 6 months of release.
  • Instant access to statistical information at both the agency and state level
  • Higher quality data as a result of over 2000 business rules and the SmartRoads integrated diagramming component