Union City SealReportBeam was quickly deployed and adopted by the officers of Union City Police Department in July, 2005. In addition to providing the standard crash report, ReportBeam was expanded to include Incident Reporting, Field Interview Tracking and Private Property crash forms in a matter of weeks.


  • Need for a Field Reporting system capable of expanding to include additional form types
  • Low budget requirements and low cost of investment in both time and money
  • Ability to instantly view statistics data and mapping data related to crash reports


  • ReportBeam was deployed with Collision Reports, Incident Reports, Field Interview Tracking Reports and Private Property Crash Reports in less than 3 weeks.
  • ReportBeam provided integrated mapping and instant statistical analysis to plot high incident areas and allow Union City employees to view and react to city-wide safety issues.
  • The intuitive system allowed officers to be using the system with less than 5 hours of training.


  • Union City successfully rolled out the system in less than 1 month.
  • No resistance from officers in adopting the product for use. The low training requirements and intuitive design allowed for a highly successful implementation within the department.
  • A safer community due to the ease of access to statistical crash data.


“Our agency has been using computers and reporting software for the past eight (8) years.  Until recently, getting the officers to complete their reports has been an on-going headache.    When I installed the software on the computers a couple of the officers were watching me. Once it was installed, I spent about ten minutes running them through the process of opening, creating, and saving a report.  They took to it immediately.  Since they seemed to “pick it up” so easily, I decided to try to see how many others could be trained in a similar fashion.  To my surprise, it took me only about five hours to train the entire uniform division (35 officers) over a couple of days to use the software.  Never have we implemented something so easy. In fact, our report numbers increased about 7% in the first couple of weeks. I attribute this to officers being so comfortable with the software they are more inclined to prepare reports as compared to the previous software we were using. All I can say is, THANK YOU ... Advanced Public Safety.  You’ve made my job easier and my department look better!”

Chuck Odom, Assistant Chief
Union City Police Dept., Georgia